From President Desk

‘Karmanye Vadikaraste Ma fhaleshu Kadachana , Ma Karmaphal Heturba Mate Sangoste Karmani’ Meaning ‘execute the tasks without anticipating any outcomes ‘

At the outset with immeasurable gratification emancipating from core of my heart would like to seek your kind attention towards Mata Lakshmi Public School , Sindagi  that  I rightly acclaim it an abode of knowledge , molding personality , unearthing  & displaying unique concealed talent and additionally realm of  teaching competency for students &  staff members  for attaining  substantial holistic developments in all the spheres  of true education.

Stressing  on learning Sanskaras or moral values  students should imbibe.   I strongly believe in creativity, innovation , accepting challenges and building sound personality  to make  every kid in our school is unique product .

I would take this opportunity to ensure  all the parents giving better facilities, sound  faculty  and more immunities in our every endeavor.


Thank you one and all.


Sanjeev K Deshpande